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 2018  WCGS General Meetings; scroll down for pics!


December 10, 2019 Library Shelf 6:00PM

The Internet does not contain everything one would need to do an effective family research project. Where can one find copious amounts ofmaterial on this locality and its individuals? The answer is the library, or more specifically the Local History Center. The LHC has books, newspapers on microfilm, and magazines, and more. View a genealogical video that addresses the valuable resource we sometimes forget the shelves of the library! This programwill be followed by a tour of the library. Bring finger-food to share with afterwards


January 14, 2019 - Filling out Lineage Applications 6:30PM  

Many of you are now eligible for our new Century Families ofWilliams County, Ohio lineage society. This information session will be lead by Lineage Chairman, Kim Smith. She will give pointers and advise what is needed to submit a successful application not only for the Century Families, but also for other lineage groups.

February 11, 2019 Passenger Lists 6:30PM  

When researching a family, one eventually comes to the immigrant ancestor where, when, and how did he/she choose to come to the US. A type of record one can utilize for such a search is a passenger list. View a genealogical video that addresses such facts as the name and type of ship, the point of embarkation and arrival, and the dates of departure and arrival. All program will be held in the Harmon Room at the WCPL Local History Center, Bryan, Ohio, unless otherwise stated.



 OUR  35th Annual BANQUET

The 35rd Annual Banquet for the Williams County Genealogical Society was held June 2018 at the Moose Lodge in Montpelier, OH. The guest speaker was Denver Henderson III.


Kim Smith, the First Families of Williams County Chairperson, introduced one of four new members to the First Families; bring the total number of members to 221. Dennis Harman # 219 was able to attend the Banquet. His Williams County Ancestors are: Harman, Henry 1852; Harman, Noah H 1852; Harman, Sara A nee Stoy 1853; Harman, Sarah Saloma nee Harman 1852.
The purpose of WCGS is the preservation of county records and family research.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, excluding July and August, at 6:30pm, in the conference room of the West Annex of the Bryan Public Library. The public is invited for all the meetings.



Speaker Dennis Henderson III       Kim Smith with Dennis Harman, Williams County First Family Member

The WCGS Board

  Sitting l/r, JoEllen Culbertson, Newsletter; Pam Lash, Publications; Alice Meuleman, Secretary; Kim Smith, First Families/Williams Co. Chairperson; Standing: Penny Rummel, Membership; Rita Brown, Vice-President; Patricia Goebel, President; Melody Turner, Bookkeeper; Absent from picture: Ronda Garbin.



The public is invited to the meetings  



For further information concerning WCGS, visit the Website at www.wcgs-ogs.com or write to WCGS, P.O. Box 293, Bryan, Ohio 43506.  


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